Changes to DnD Lore

This goes over the major changes and where more information can be found about them.


See Dragonborn



The way vampires are created has been changed as well as player stats and the effects of drinking blood. Vampires are created when a creature (mainly humanoid) eats a fellow of the same race’s flesh. This causes Arwel, the god of blood and sacrifice to bless and curse them. Arwel grants the defiler increased strength and endurance but at the cost of needing to be sustained by blood and become ghouls. These ghoul vampires lose all self control and often go on blood filled rampages. The original creature is still alive however, and can try to break free of their beast state but the fight is often long and difficult ranging from as little as a few hours to months. Once free though, the vampire has permanent full control and still has the ghouls strength but still requires blood to survive. Vampires are fine with walking in the light of the sun when full but the longer they go without blood the more it starts to burn them.


Players can choose to start as a post-ghoul vampire or try to become one in game. All vampires gain +1 to Strength and Dexterity.


Dragons are no longer split between metallic and chromatic. All types can be good and evil. Many types of dragons are used by high elves for high ranking soldiers though some are too wild or proud to be tamed, mostly white and red respectively. Each collective uses a specific type of dragon and usually keep their mating and care taking a secret to prevent others from doing the same and using this against them.

Changes to DnD Lore

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